1. Consejos Para El Mommy Makeover. "Accesorios Postoperatorios"
      Los Accesorios Postoperatorios son esenciales para cualquier proceso post quirúrgico como el mommy makeover, este es el procedimiento por el cual...
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  2. 4 Tips for Mommy Makeover "Post Surgery Accessories"
    Post surgery accessories are the best option for any plastic surgery include the mommy makeover, this is the procedure by which every woman after b...
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  3. ¡5 mitos sobre la abdominoplastia!
    ¡La abdominoplastia no tiene ningún riesgo!   Esto realmente es un mito debido a que todo procedimiento quirúrgico con intervención invasiva tien...
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  4. 5 Myths About Tummy Tuck
        Tummy tuck has no risk!   This really is a myth because every surgical procedure with invasive intervention has medical risks which include; ...
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  5. Post Surgery Recovery, 5 Tips For You!
      The care after a liposuction is of vital importance for post surgery recovery and when we perform a surgical procedure the most important thing i...
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  6. “ Colombian Fajas To Lose Weight ” 6 Steps to choose your Ideal compression garment
      It is true that Colombian Fajas To Lose Weight were made to shape your curves, recover your figure and keep you with beautiful curves wearing tig...
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  7. 7 Things you should know about, Post Surgical Shapewear!
    The post surgical compression garment that we look for to have an optimal recovery according to our surgery, I could recommend many Post-Operative...
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  8. 5 Tips to increase the Buttocks "Instantly"
    We always look for ways to get results "instantly" but constantly find routines and long processes to reach the goal. Today I want to show you 5 ve...
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  9. 5 Tips that helped me in my Postpartum Depression!
      This is a topic that has really affected many women after giving birth to our baby, but it is a matter for which it is worth having help among ou...
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  10. 5 tips to Reduce Abdomen!
    Exercise is very important for our lives, some may hate it, others will love it, but something that I can assure you is that it is the most import...
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  11. 3 essentials that will help you see yourself spectacular!
    Hello Girl! Today I want to show you a daily routine of 3 essentials that you can not miss to always be beautiful, we care about our physical appea...
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  12. 3 Tips To Recover Your Figure QUICKLY
    I want to show you how to recover my figure in a very short time with 3 simple steps that helped my body after my pregnancy. Are you going to miss ...
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