1. The worst thing to lose weight is diets!
    All women at some point in our lives have made a process of losing weight either going to the gym, practically leaving to eat to see us thin or any...
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  2. Do you want to improve your exercise routines?
    We always want something more ... a little more makeup, a piece of extra pizza or speed up the toning process of our body, we love to feel beautifu...
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  3. How to have a Slender figure all day?
    We know that all women want to see each other and feel beautiful every day, and we always want to hide those uncomfortable chubby, we go through ma...
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  4. After your surgery ... The second step is a COLOMBIAN BODY SHAPER!
    When we go through a post-surgical process (Liposuction, BBL, Mommy Makeover, Breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck) we really do it because we want to l...
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  5. Why is a Postpartum Body Shaper Important?
    Women go through many stages and one of the most beautiful is the pregnancy but, what happens when we want to recover our figure after having our b...
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  6. How to apply Fat Burning Gel? "Hot Gel"
    If you do not know how to apply the fat burning gel here we show you how to do it in the best way possible!! . 1. keep the area where you will ...
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  7. Fajas Colombianas Vest Cincher REF 023
    Do you want a slim waist and a better posture? If so, this Vest Cincher is for you! Maximum compression provided by a compression garment, which g...
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  8. Faja Colombiana For Daily Use REF 013
    Enjoy a figure with curves, Why? This daily use Body Shaper is perfect to shape your waist, lift your buttocks, improve your posture and has flat s...
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  9. Fajas Colombianas Waist Cincher REF 025
    This incredible Waist Cincher gives you what you need and what really matters is our figure and show off a molded body, that's why I want to show ...
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  10. Faja Colombiana Post Partum REF 040
    There are different Colombian Body Shapers for all types of women and needs, but this shaping and reducing girdle is special for postpartum use, yo...
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  11. Fajas Colombianas Top-5 "Post-surgery"

    We have here the top 5 post-surgery compression fajas Colombianas ideal for you. Choose the one that better suits your needs and offer you a greater benefit in your recovery post-surgery or post-partum.

    ¡Brought from Colombia! Always made with the best quality and design!

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  12. Top 5 Fajas Colombianas All About Shapewear Body Shapers for Daily Use
      The best Fajas Colombianas are always designed for your well-being and demands always with the best quality and design. Brought from Colombia !! ...
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