3 essentials that will help you see yourself spectacular!

3 essentials that will help you see yourself spectacular!

by Andrea Acero

Hello Girl! Today I want to show you a daily routine of 3 essentials that you can not miss to always be beautiful, we care about our physical appearance and why not help us a little?


1.Hot gel

Every day after my morning bath I use a Hot Reducing Gel that helps to eliminate the accumulated fat in my abdomen, I take a large portion in my hand and then I make circular movements applying it in the abdomen until all the product is absorbed from the best way possible.


2.Osmotic Film


After having applied the Hot Reducing Gel, with the Osmotic Film product I roll up my abdominal area increasing the desired results, with this you achieve an incredible abdomen reduction with the passage of time, you will be as happy as I was to have used these two products.


I know that our abdomen is something very important for us but we can not leave our face aside and that is why I use an incredible cream every Monday at night ...


3.Detox Mask


It helps me eliminate the black spots by purifying and detoxifying the skin of my face, what I do first is a vaporization on my face to open my pores and when applying the Detox Mask optimize its results by removing all the dirt from my face and then at the end and remove the detoxifying mask I take an ice and I pass it through my face closing the pores again so that my skin is totally smooth and toned.


I love sharing my experiences with you and I have many more! If you want to see my other recommendations, ENTER HERE

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