3 Tips To Recover Your Figure QUICKLY

3 Tips To Recover Your Figure QUICKLY

by Andrea Acero

I want to show you how to recover my figure in a very short time with 3 simple steps that helped my body after my pregnancy. Are you going to miss it? What you must do during the whole process is constant with the methods and so also the incredible results.


  1. Increase your physical activity.

 Always in every process to have a figure with curves is to perform exercise routines, during the week, 4 days of training in which include abdominals, leg and buttocks, cardio, and some gym weights to tone. I do not necessarily have to perform a super-hard routine where I end up tired, we all have a rhythm and we have to accompany little by little so as not to die trying.


  1. Do not eat without appetite

 One of the keys to have good figure and that the exercise works is to eat every 3 hours with a good diet low in fat and sugar because this always ends in our body as " chubby". Eat enough natural protein, fish, chicken, egg, this does not mean that we should always eat the same thing continuously it is good to try new recipes with these proteins. Drinking liquid during the day is recommended because it helps to eliminate toxins in the body and this helps to detoxify and the food is processed in a better way in our body.


  1. Use a Body Shaper daily

 My biggest recommendation will always be the Colombian Shapewear, why? This will help us stay in good posture providing the compression you need for the muscle to adhere to the skin again after our birth process, if we use a Shaping and Reducing Girdle every day we will notice the difference in a very short time helping our body to reduce measures.


After my birthing process use the Colombian Ref 050 Girdle, it has the compression that we all look for, in addition to helping to lift our buttocks in a natural way, providing leg compression with a totally renewed appearance. It is a very effective and guaranteed method, Can you imagine wearing a figure with curves after having your baby? YOU DESERVE IT!


If you want more recommendations to help our body to be in shape and with curves CLICK HERE.

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