4 Tips for Mommy Makeover "Post Surgery Accessories"

4 Tips for Mommy Makeover "Post Surgery Accessories"

by Andrea Caranton Diaz

Post surgery accessories are the best option for any plastic surgery include the mommy makeover, this is the procedure by which every woman after being a mother would love to be done, I recommend it! Why? After giving birth it is inevitable not to see each other and feel a little depressed because our body has changed radically, our bust looks a little down, the abdomen flaccid and thicker than before and that is when we really realize that we need a little help.


The much requested Mommy Makeover procedure, is the process of changing the image of any mother, now it is in trend for all the artists who have had a baby and want to show off their spectacular figure, this really is a set of several plastic surgeries to which we submit to have a new abdomen firmer breasts and zero chubby, A wonder! After going through a beautiful pregnancy process it is good to look like this because it is one of the greatest satisfactions as a woman but, we also want to pamper ourselves and be attractive again after this.


In the procedure you will have mammoplasty to lift the fallen breast after breastfeeding, tummy tuck to give firmness to the abdomen again eliminating that uncomfortable excess skin and finally liposuction and liposculpture by extracting the accumulated fat and providing a new curve to our abdomen. During this process it is essential that our body recovers in the best possible way and that is why today I want to give you 4 essential tips for your recovery:


  1. Use a Colombian Post Surgical Girdle


post surgery accessories Bbl recovery supplies


It is ideal to have a ( Faja Colombiana ) Colombian girdle for our recovery after going through a mommy makeover because we will need the ideal compression so that the muscle adheres to the skin again, I recommend that you use adequate compression at an intermediate level since we will be so sore that we do not want to be uncomfortable no to be removing and putting on the girdle again and again this time we must use it during the first two weeks of our post surgery but it is essential that our doctor recommend how long we should use our Faja Colombiana ( Colombian girdle ).


There are different types of Colombian compression garments ( medical supplies - Bbl recovery supplies ) but I recommend a full body shaper if we are doing a mommy makeover, it is also ideal to have different levels of compression because as we evolve in our recovery process the swelling will go down and we will have to use one less closing we used the first day.




  1. Post surgery accessories


post surgery accessories Bbl recovery supplies

The Post surgery accessories are the best for recovery It is ideal to have Ab Boards or pads that help us in this incredible process we can usually use a lumbar board for our back, some side shields that are used under our Colombian Bodyshaper and a lipo foam that we can use and cut according to where we want to locate these ideal products are really an excellent help for our post operative will be uncomfortable at first but then you will see how comfortable and useful they are when it comes to being totally comfortable with this process.



  1. Rest during the first 2 weeks


post surgery accessories Bbl recovery supplies 

The ideal is to have a lot of rest so that our body assimilates for everything that has just happened in addition, sleeping will help to recover our tissues much faster, take a time of inactivity so your body will really feel the change and recovery, it is essential that You sleep ideally while maintaining excellent posture so as not to hurt the stitches, preventing any wound from opening (either internal or external).


There are three different types of positions that will help you cope with this post-surgical process and help you to be more comfortable; During the first week I recommend that you adopt a semi-reclining position on your back, this is because it is the most recommended possible for your health, a slightly reclining bed will be ideal for the first days, for me it was a bit uncomfortable at first but then you will get used remember that all this is for the well-being of your recovery.


The position lying on your back will help the weight of your body does not fall on the wound allowing you to have much more strength in the wounds and finally the side position that for me was the most comfortable to adopt much safer than sleeping on your stomach (I do not recommend it) I recommend that you place support pads in the middle of the legs.


  1. Perform post-operative massages


post surgery accessories Bbl recovery supplies


Post-operative massages are ideal for our recovery process, in my case they helped a lot, when I did these massages to my body I could move without any pain or lighter good, these massages help to avoid and eliminate fibrosis, scarring is generated with faster, retained fluids are removed, bruises are removed quickly, pain decreases incredibly, helps the circulatory system and decreases inflammation in general are the best you can do in this process accompanied by all these tricks that I recommend 100%.


With these 4 ideal tips for your recovery you will be returned to your daily routine and with an incredible body without any discomfort or mark on the skin.

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