5 Myths About Tummy Tuck

5 Myths About Tummy Tuck

by Andrea Caranton Diaz



  1. Tummy tuck has no risk!


This really is a myth because every surgical procedure with invasive intervention has medical risks which include; post-operative seromas, infections, bleeding including healing complications.


This is why I always recommend using compression garments after tummy tuck to help with your recovery as a first step, it is essential to use a reducing and shaping Colombian Girdle that will help provide the compression necessary for your recovery, helping the muscle to adhere to the skin again , the second product you have to have is a compression garments after tummy tuck an ab board that will help your skin feel much more comfortable and the area to heal has a rapid evolution.

 compression garments after tummy tuck


  1. Tummy tuck is all I need for a flat stomach!


Myth! Remember that whenever we perform any surgical intervention we must take into account the process involved in having a surgery, you must first recover optimally with compression garments after tummy tuck accessories and Colombian Girdles so that you do not have any complications, in addition the habits are essential to maintain a flat abdomen, I always recommend drinking more of water throughout the day between 2 to 3 liters and having an abdominal routine to keep us curvy, in addition to all this it is essential to eat and maintain a healthy diet, why? Because if you do not take care of your body and your diet, in a very short time you will recover the pounds that you lose in your tummy tuck.

compression garments after tummy tuck 


  1. Eliminates extra pounds and flaccidity skin


Very true! This is the main effect that has a tummy tuck and that is why all women want to have this surgery, we always have some fat ones that we want to eliminate because we increase due to carelessness or because we just had a baby and we want to recover our figure. This treatment allows us to immediately extract abdominal fat and helps the sagging of our skin and we will also recover the abdominal musculature and voila, we will have a flat abdomen!

compression garments after tummy tuck 

  1. You do not need hospitalization!


False! All surgical intervention needs some hospitalization time to control the state of your body after surgery and then discharge you to recover at home.

 compression garments after tummy tuck

  1. Tummy tuck is equal to liposuction!


False! They are really different because liposuction removes all accumulated fat in the intervention area and the tummy tuck seeks to flatten the abdomen through the rectus abdominals muscles and trim the excess skin. However, the post-surgical process is similar because you have to have a Colombian Post-surgical Girdle to support your skin and generate compression its important to have a compression garments after tummy tuck accessories such as ab boards to help the area heal and so that you are comfortable during this process.


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