5 Tips that helped me in my Postpartum Depression!

5 Tips that helped me in my Postpartum Depression!

by Andrea Acero


This is a topic that has really affected many women after giving birth to our baby, but it is a matter for which it is worth having help among ourselves "Women" I feel it is my duty as Wife, Mother, Daughter, tell my experience and how to overcome  with my Postpartum Depression, which was not easy but still managed to overcome it.

I felt sad all the time, I felt a void that nothing filled, I felt a bad mood, restless and with inexplicable rage however when I investigate a little more about this topic with 5 tips that I carried out during this process they helped me incredibly!


  1. Talk to other moms


This was one of the most effective techniques, when I began to feel helpless contact a group of women who went through the same process through a social network which met to talk about what was the process of each At first I was a bit afraid but then I let go and that's where I really started to notice a change in me.

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  1. Dedicate time to yourself!


It is very important to know that during this process the one that is better is you so it is important to feel good and look amazing, so I decided to pamper myself and went with the group of friends I met through the social network go to a spa to have a day just for me which helped me to relax and feel better and better, it is good to pamper yourself and to do your part to overcome any stage of our lives, no matter how bad we are going it is always good to take a break.


  1. Wear a "Postpartum" Colombian Shapewear


One of the girls in the group advised me to wear a Colombian Shapewear because I asked her why are you always smiling? I saw her so happy that she did not understand why I was in this group to which she replied - I am happy because I feel good with my body and I like how it looks even when I just gave birth and this is due to a Colombian Shapewear that I buy and I feel so comfortable using it that it helps my figure and I can use my old jeans and my tight blouses and still I feel that I do not have it on, it's amazing!, it has given me a confidence that before I DID NOT HAVE! At first I did not know if it was due to this but I asked myself why not try it? Order Online and came to my home a REF 11066 Shaper, when I put it on I felt that the fabric was very soft and that it fit very well, when I closed the hooks I looked spectacular, my waist had curves and my abdomen looked totally flat plus I enhance my tail. I could not believe it! This definitely helped my mood and the lack of confidence I had at that moment about me. It really was an excellent purchase and for this I recommend it!

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  1. Express your feelings!


It is vital not to save anything for later, if you feel something is not right express it, Why? Because sooner or later you will explode if you do not say things at the moment, remember you just went through a process of giving birth to your baby and it is important that the people around you give you emotional support and understand your situation. It is important to be always accompanied so that you never feel the absence of a loved one and you feel empty, talking is always the best solution to all problems and that is why it is good for you to express your feelings.



  1. Relaxation and meditation techniques


The last Tip that helped me unbelievably was the meditation to focus my ideas and have a clearer mind, I consulted on YouTube meditation and I got a million results and I started taking classes in my living room. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! This helped to clear my mind of everything I thought and that really was not helping me.


When I did all this I really felt that I had overcome this depression that I felt and that did not let me move forward, I hope it will be very helpful and you can get over it as I did.

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