5 tips to Reduce Abdomen!

5 tips to Reduce Abdomen!

by Andrea Acero

Exercise is very important for our lives, some may hate it, others will love it, but something that I can assure you is that it is the most important habit you can have in your life. 

If you are a person who exercises daily you will know what I am talking about, but if on the contrary you do not exercise and you want to start changing your lifestyle and your body, these 5 tricks that I will mention will be very helpful to start and achieve excellent results. Decide to do something good for you and keep reading.


I know that for many of us it's hard to start, nobody says it's easy but,


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If you see and feel better and healthier, do not convince, here I leave my 5 tips.


  1. Start a routine and MAKE it a habit!


The first thing is to have a list of the days that you will be ready to exercise, I recommend my routine to burn fat in the gym, at least 3 days a week, after that specify what type of exercise you will perform each of these days always changing muscle you can divide the days in parts of the body Ex: on Monday you work arms and back, on Wednesday glutes and legs and on Friday you can do sit-ups and resistance exercises.


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After making this list of exercises according to the results you are looking for it is important to include 30 minutes of cardio each day so that our body gets used to the exercise and has more resistance, I always recommend doing this at the end of our routine.


But this is not all…


  1. Breathing is VITAL!


Breathing well when we exercise is of vital importance because it helps us to take care of our health and improve our physical state by controlling the flow and rhythm of each inspiration and expiration. "It's a whole technique"


Whenever we exercise, do not neglect your breathing. Regardless of the exercise we are doing we must always take it into account, to do it correctly is essential to inspire the air through the nose and expire the air through the mouth, when we breathe the air through the nose we perform a volume control air that enters our lungs in addition to this helps us to better dilate the bronchi and eliminate germs during the process of inspiration.


And something that you definitely can not miss in your routines is ...


  1. Wear a TRAINING Girdle!


Shapewear for abdomen and waist loss! I always recommend an ideal girdle to train, Why? I have always loved to form my waist and help burn fat while doing cardio, I love them! When I'm lifting weights or doing strength, they help my posture and give me ideal support for my back.


I recommend the best shapewear for women REF 091, whenever I do my exercise routines I can not miss it because it provides support to the back thanks to its high coverage, it is an ideal training vest, it has three compression levels that help me to verify if I have really advanced in my process of reduction of measurements and its fabric in Latex makes me sweat and sweat like a "Crazy person", I know that you will love it!



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I do not only use this to improve the results of the gym, I reinforce it with an incredible ...


  1. Fat Burning gel that helps improve RESULTS!


I always use my Hot Gel twice a day the first time in the morning to go to the gym and at night before going to bed, this incredible reducing cream stimulates the localized fat elimination, it has worked for me my abdomen looks much more flat and for I use it daily.


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and one of my tricks to lose weight fast, I suggest you use the osmotic film ...


  1. Optimize the results even MORE!


This Osmotic film that I use under the Colombian Faja helps me to intensify the sweating of my body while I do my cardio to lose weight, I have achieved incredible results without dieting to lose weight 10 kilos remember Everything does the constancy! Trust in these methods that I give you today and create your habit and you will notice INCREDIBLE results.

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I hope you have an excellent experience with the tips that I gave you, I am really fascinated and impacted with my body and the evolution that I have had, try it and tell me how it was ...



If you are interested in losing weight, or how to use a Faja Colombiana or any other type of content referring to exercises to lose weight, you can see my Blog's that I have prepared especially for you. HERE.



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