5 tips to look good, in Short Dresses!

5 tips to look good, in Short Dresses!

by Andrea Acero

1. Eat light during the day.

If you are going to wear a tight dress the best thing for that same day is to have a light diet, I recommend preparing for your meals during the day and eating soups only protein, do not eat sugar or gluten derivatives as these will make you look a swollen abdomen, avoid any meal heavy in fat. Drink water! This will help you A LOT to look thin.

2. Wear Panthyhose.

For you to always look spectacular I recommend wearing socks with a tanned tone so your skin looks perfect, because our legs will be the focus of attention with a short dress that gives us a uniform tone, preferably using a natural color so that do not notice

3. Wear a "Panty" style girdle

What I always try to wear is a Colombian Body Shaper of good compression that is short so it does not show under my dress, I recommend the panty type girdle REF 013 this will give you a flat abdomen and lift your buttocks looking spectacular, I always use it and I recommend it to wear short dresses. Is the best option! Or if you prefer you can see our Panty Style collection where you will find different options for your needs.

4. Wears the right shoes

There are many styles that we can wear with a short dress but, we have to look consistent with the type of event we have if it is casual, you can use a low booties, if it is for a formal event, I recommend using Stilettos (stilettos ), or if you are going out with your friends for shopping, you can use some sneakers (tennis) so that you are totally comfortable.

5. The attitude is EVERYTHING!

Whenever we go anywhere, we must have an overwhelming attitude at all times, well they say there "A bad attitude is like a low tire, you can not go anywhere until you change it" because you can have the most expensive dress the party but if you do not have good mood you will not be dazzling.

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