7 Things you should know about, Post Surgical Shapewear!

7 Things you should know about, Post Surgical Shapewear!

by Andrea Acero

The post surgical compression garment that we look for to have an optimal recovery according to our surgery, I could recommend many Post-Operative Colombian Girdles that give you excellent benefits and really help post operative pains.

They are usually designed in lycra or latex and their main work is to apply constant and uniform pressure in our body, the ideal post surgical compression garment are full body because they give you a uniform compression for a quick recovery.

Today I want to tell you about 7 things you should know about the post operative bands that will help you incredibly in your process (cesareans, natural births, liposuction, tummy tuck, liposuction, lipectomy and many others) and that during my process I could prove.

Colombian Shapewear Post Surgical

These post surgical compression garment help the circulation of accumulated liquids in your body avoiding seromas or lymphedemas that basically is the fear of all of us when we have a surgical intervention and the recommended thing is to avoid this accumulation of liquids at all costs and the post operative bands are a relief when dealing with these inconveniences.




Fajas Colombianas Post quirurgicas

We know that these incredible post surgical compression garment offer us compression which is ideal for these surgical procedures but do they generate long-term marks on our skin? NO, thanks to its lycra fabric and reverse seams, these post surgical compression garment are designed to eliminate any possible risk to our body which does not generate marks in the short, medium or long term, what they really do is to adhere the skin to the muscles again and thus improving healing.




Colombian Shapewear Post Surgical

We always think that the post surgical compression garment are uncomfortable due to the pressure they exert on our body but, due to their ultra-soft fabric, this is completely a myth, they provide support to the intervened area, thus avoiding the movements of damaged tissues and this it helps us to completely eliminate the sensation of discomfort and the pain decreases it by 80% which is quite positive for all of us and when we have had previous surgical procedures we know that recovery is the most uncomfortable process of our surgery.





Fajas Colombianas Post Quirúrgicas

After having gone through the operating room when we are in our recovery process post surgical compression garment help us reduce the bruising or bruises that are generated after going through all this, do not forget that the surgeries for more that help us see more beautiful are strong and invasive processes to our body and it is inevitable not to have any pain but, these post surgical compression garment reduce the appearance of bruises and accelerate healing.





Fajas Colombianas Post Quirurgicas

The post surgical compression garment by providing compression throughout your body help circulation and thus reduce the swelling that generates any post-surgical process, when I had my first surgery I still felt very plump and I thought that the surgery had not helped me but , then when I had my girdle and after 15 days I started to notice the difference and I really felt amazing!




It all depends on the type of surgery that you have undergone and depends a lot on your recovery process but always your surgeon will be the one to give you the indication of the recovery process of how long you should use your post surgical compression garment for your recovery process. and six weeks after your surgery and on average 22 hours of daily use, this is at the beginning and then decreases the hours of use because this is that there is no standard time to use your post surgical compression garment, it all depends on your doctor.




Fajas Colombianas Post Quirurgicas

I always recommend two types of post surgical compression garment for your postoperative recovery one is a full body that provides compression to your abdomen and tail arms and others that are short or thong that provide perfect compression in your abdominal area providing a little more freedom.


So when it comes to selecting your post surgical compression garment, it is essential that you know exactly the areas that have been intervened and then take an accurate decision. If you are looking for a full body Body Shaper, I always recommend the REF. 11053 Fajas D'Prada with a support on the bust for optimal recovery according to your surgery or REF. 11066 Fajas D'Prada which is much more comfortable and versatile.


*One last recommendation that I consider is very important for your garment to last is the washing, remember to use a neutral detergent, avoid detergents that contain abrasive products, do not use a dryer because it can damage the lycra, do not dry directly in the sun and do not squeeze after removing it of the water. If you have these precautions your garment will have a longer useful life and you will be able to use it to the fullest.

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