After your surgery ... The second step is a COLOMBIAN BODY SHAPER!

After your surgery ... The second step is a COLOMBIAN BODY SHAPER!

by Andrea Acero

When we go through a post-surgical process (Liposuction, BBL, Mommy Makeover, Breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck) we really do it because we want to look ourselves and feel better with our body, put on that tight dress with perfect curves, go out and receive compliments are things that we love women, but do you know what is the next step after your surgery?


Recovery is the most important part of a post-surgical process and we need the best products to recover in the most comfortable way possible.



Post Surgery Garments 

It is the GARMENT that will help us in our daily recovery process, why? It will provide the compression we need in our body so that the skin adjusts itself to the muscle again avoiding the accumulation of fluids. Doctors recommend the use of a Post Operative Body Shaper for a period of one to three months after performing the post-surgical process, if we stop using the girdle the first 15 days after the intervention could cause inflammation in our body completely damaging the surgical process.


I recommend especially the Post Operative Full Body Shaper of Ref. 050 due to its high compression, its total coverage in the abdominal area, buttocks, back and legs. Its fabric is totally fresh and breathable, which will help the quick recovery and has lateral closure avoiding that is noticed under your clothes, although there are other Colombian garments that also meet all the requirements for your recovery this is my recommended.


If you feel that this is not the perfect Faja for your recovery I invite you to look at our collection of Post Surgical Shapewear HERE and have a more accurate idea of what you could wear.

Post surgery collection

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