Faja Colombiana Post Partum REF 040

Faja Colombiana Post Partum REF 040

by Christian David López Botero

There are different Colombian Body Shapers for all types of women and needs, but this shaping and reducing girdle is special for postpartum use, you can wear a slender figure and recover quickly thanks to the compression offered in the abdominal area.

Faja Colombiana ref 040 

It has a front closure for easy use at the time of going to the bathroom without bothering you at any time, designed with panty style to enhance your buttocks in a natural way adapting to the changes of your body to mold it gently.

 Faja Colombiana Moldeadora y reductora ref 040

Use it daily to see the results of your recovery process, what do you expect to look like a molded figure?

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