Fajas Colombianas Top-5 "Post-surgery"

Fajas Colombianas Top-5 "Post-surgery"

by Maria Moreno

We have here the top 5 post-surgery fajas Colombianas ideal for you. Choose the one that better suits your needs and offer you a greater benefit in your recovery or simply to look beautiful in your day-to-day activities. ¡Brought from Colombia! Always made with the best quality and design!


In the first position we have a Fajas Colombianas half leg style, Reference 081, recommended as post surgery or postpartum garment. With two adjustment levels and a soft and breathable fabric, it is your ideal post-surgery or postpartum garment. This garment was designed with our best features to provide a fit like second skin that will shape your curves and give the compression needed to recover from plastic surgery such as liposculpture, breast implant, tummy tuck, liposuction, and more. Is the recommended compression garment.

One of the most controllable shapewear for sculpting your figure. It adapts to you, contouring your silhouette and allowing you to use those sensual dresses that you like so much, giving a great finish to your shapes and highlighting all your attributes. Also, it allows a contouring of the figure that enhances the different forms of your body, raising the bust line, forming your abdomen, highlighting your hips and glutes and giving a stylized shape to your figure.

In second position we have a Fajas Colombianas panty style, Reference 085. Recommended as post surgery or postpartum garment. It has two levels of abdominal compression and a soft and breathable fabric that takes care of your skin, allowing you to be comfortable to carry out your day-to-day activities. Is the recommended compression garment. Also, it has the ideal compression to shape your figure and enhance your perfect curves, making you look beautiful and with a perfect body, since it has a tail lift effect, which will make you look natural and beautiful. It highlights your hips and glutes, shapes your body and stylizes your figure, the best post-surgery shaping girdle you can have.


In third position we have a Fajas Colombianas full body, Reference 055.  Recommended as post surgery or postpartum garment. It enhances your hips, flattens your abdomen and provides compression to your legs and arms, all this at the same time, while you look a fully molded figure with this post surgery garment of full coverage. Is the recommended compression garment. Mold all your figure, hide the uncomfortable rolls in the back, mold your legs, enhance your buttocks and stylize your hips, making you look slender and beautiful with a totally flat abdomen. It has high quality hooks to keep the compression band tight, and the side zipper gives a perfect look that achieves an ideal fit and leaves the bust free to provide total comfort and freedom to wear any bra. You can also wear a totally natural tail lift to give shape to your body thanks to its soft cotton fabric that takes care of your skin. It also has high resistance fabric - Powernet, and reinforced needlework that guarantee its durability.

In fourth position we have a posture corrector Fajas Colombianas, Reference 087. Recommended as post surgery or postpartum garment. It serves for the subsequent care of a surgical procedure since it helps to reduce inflammation and helps a quick and less painful recovery.

Made with the best materials and brought from Colombia, guarantees comfort and better compression to perform daily activities. Is the recommended compression garment. It can be used as a post-surgery bra or sports bra that provides full coverage in the bust area and support in the back to keep it straight. Also it is easy to wear and remove since it is designed with clips on the front.

In fifth position we have a waistcoat with sleeves, Reference 088. Recommended as post surgery garment. It improves your posture, provides a firm compression on the arms and corrects the curvature of the back. It has a special design that allows you to use your own bra in order to avoid additional compression in the chest if you use it as a post-breast surgery garment, so you can feel comfortable when you use it. Is the recommended compression garment.

With a special design, it put together, centers and lifts the bust with its open chest style. It adapts to any bust size, easy to put on or adjust and easy to remove since it has a brooch in front under the bust line.

Made with the best compression fabric, Powernet, which guarantees its durability and a soft layer of antiallergic cotton lining that gives a second skin feeling.


Fajas Colombianas are allies in our day-to-day, here you can find out how many hours you can use a garment

If you need to know how to put on a compression garment click here to solve all your questions.

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