The secret for a “Wasp Waist”

The secret for a “Wasp Waist”

by Andrea Acero


Hello Girls, welcome to a new blog, I want to share this time my secret to wear a Wasp Figure, How do I do it? Exercise and good nutrition are key, I WILL NOT DENY YOU! It is important to always take care of our habits, these determine any transformation in our body. Without any more preambles.




Why? They are those that help me little by little to reduce measures and shape my waist because this type of COLOMBIAN GARMENTS are highly compressed and almost always have three levels of compression, so that you can evolve during the process until you reach the desired results. In addition to its incredible latex material that makes a sauna effect, it's amazing!


Some famous as the Kardashian sisters have popularized the use of Waist Trainers for daily exercises and maintain an ultra-thin waist, this really works if you are constant, we already know that everything we do every day "The Habits" are generating progress or setback It depends on how disciplined you are. But works, it works!


I always have a daily routine, I wake up early and I exercise in the living room of my house with my Colombian Waist Trainer Ref 096, I always do sit-ups, without exceeding me, I drink at least 3 ltr of water during the day and in the feeding I try not to exceed 3 hours between meals.


I hope it has helped you to have your Wasp Waist! If you have questions or questions do not hesitate to write, I can also recommend another type of shapers and reducers in our different categories, Daily Use, Postpartum, Post Surgery, Waist Trainers, or our line of creams for personal care.

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