Why is a Postpartum Body Shaper Important?

Why is a Postpartum Body Shaper Important?

by Andrea Acero

Women go through many stages and one of the most beautiful is the pregnancy but, what happens when we want to recover our figure after having our baby?


There are many ways to recover our figure, the first and it is essential to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables in addition to hydrate with water, perform small exercise routines such as cardio, we can make walks of 30 to 60 min a day and this will help to maintain a healthy body and above all achieving a desired figure in a short time. However, there is something that really helps us so that the skin adheres again to the muscle.



 Post Partum collection

The Colombian Body Shapers give our body in a short time to return to its previous state basically what they do is help us to recover the figure we lost after pregnancy, the excellent thing about post surgical girdles is that they have three levels of compression helping to our process of continuous recovery moving forward with us since as we lose weight and the skin is re-accommodated to the muscle we can adjust the garment without any inconvenience.


The compression Body Shapers that we can use for this stage are different but today I want to recommend the reductive garment of reference 072. Why do I recommend it? It is ideal for women who do not want a very strong compression because many of us uncomfortable this, but will provide the compression needed to recover gradually eliminating the uncomfortable chubby, is completely breathable and smooth with your skin which makes it quite comfortable to be invisible under your clothes will not generate marks due to its ultra flat seams.


If you think that this Colombian Shaper is not for you and you want a stronger compression garment, you can see our collection Postpartum totally complete in different Fajas Colombianas for pregnancy with exclusive designs and totally comfortable for you.

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