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Recommendations of use for your new girdle

by Robinsson Botero

Tip No. 1 About your new girdle

Our salome girdles and belts are designed with the most innovative product on the market called PowerNet. such material is designed to have a long life, can be washed and is easy drying material, is also very powerful and convenient to use. made with the most durable and elastic fibers, salome Girdle's perform the appropriate pressure to obtain the desired figure in shorter time, besides, they have antiallergic cotton lining material that protects the skin from irritation. according to your needs the belt can be high or medium compression.

Tip No. 2 About the Use: The Time

In the first days after you get the girdle, it's recommended to use it from 4 to 5 hours per day for two weeks, this in order to accustom your body to the new firm and styled position. after two weeks you ca increase its use to up to 8 hours daily, 10 at the most, with the purpose of not demanding to much of your body and looking for this process to be as comfortable as possible. remember that excesses are never beneficial.

Tip No. 3 About the misuse

There are certain things you can not do with your belt, in the first instance, look very carefully at your weight and height and make sure at the outlets about which one should be the right size for you, do not try smaller sizes that may harm you. this garment is of intimate use, wash in every day with products that don't prevent their deterioration and prolong useful life; do not dry in the sun, use the dryer or dry in indoors. observe well the recommendations of your doctor: he will give you al the necessary guidance on the type of girdle that you can use.

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